There is evidence that Boreham Bowling Club was in existence from at least the early 1920s but where in Boreham  games were played and against whom is not known.  The first mention of bowls being played on the green in Waltham Road appeared in the minutes of Seabrooks Sports Club in 1937 showing approval for the purchase of 3 sets of woods, a measure and mats.

Originally membership was restricted to employees of Seabrooks but, by 1956, in order to maintain and increase numbers, the Club had become “open” with membership available to all.

In 1975 the Seabrooks Bowls Club gained entry to the Central Midweek Bowling League and in their first season finished in second place going on to win the championship nine times in the next eleven seasons.

By 1987 with the “Seabrook” connection ever decreasing it was decided to change the name of the Club to Boreham Bowling Club in order emphasise its association with the sporting facilities available in the village.

In 1988 membership was considered sufficient to enter the Chelmsford and District League and in that season finished as runners up to Ongar in Division Four gaining promotion as champions two years later.

The Club continues to play with a team in the Central Midweek League and also has a full programme of friendly matches and internal competitions throughout the season.

Boreham Bowling Club remains a small friendly Club with membership open to anyone interested in playing bowls - you don’t have to live in Boreham - whether they be experienced players or beginners wishing to have a go. All will be made very welcome and coaching is available.