2024 Fixtures

Boreham Bowling Club are currently in Division 3 of the Central Midweek League.  

Date Day Type Team Location Start
21st Apr Sun Internal Opening Drive Home 2:00pm
27th Apr Sat WEF Ingatestone Away 2:30pm
2nd May Thur MWF Witham Home 2:00pm
5th May Sun WEF Arclight Away 2:30pm
11th May Sat WEF Chelmsford Away 2:00pm
14th May Tue CMBL Tiptree Jobserve 'B' Home 6:15pm
16th May Thur MWF Bocking Home 2:00pm
23rd May Thur MWF Witham ML Away 2:30pm
30th May Thur MWF Courtaulds Away 2:30pm
21st May Tue CMBL South Woodham Ferrers 'A' Away 6:15pm
25th May Sat Internal Open Day Home 10:00am - 4:00pm
26th May Sun Internal Open Day Home 10:00am - 4:00pm
28th May Tues CMBL Maldon 'B' Away 6:15pm
4th June Tue CMBL Witham Mill Lane Home 6:30
6th June Thur MWF Arclight Home 2:30pm
11th June Sat CMBL Lionmede Away 6:30pm
13th June Thur MWF Ingatestone Home 2:30pm
18th Jun Tue CMBL Ingatestone 'B' Home 6:30pm
25th Jun Tue CMBL Great Baddow 'C' Home 6:30pm
29th Jun Sat WEF Chancellor Park Away 2:30pm
2nd Jul Tue CMBL Tiptree Jobserve 'B' Away 6:30pm
6th Jul Sat Internal Presisent V Captain Home tbc
9th July Tue CMBL South Woodham Ferrers 'A' Home 6:30pm
16th Jul Tue CMBL Maldon 'B' Home 6:30pm
18th Jul Thu MWF Writtle Away 2:30pm
20th Jul Sat WEF Witham ML Home 2:30pm
23rd Jul Tue CMBL Witham Mill Lane Away 6:30pm
28th Jul Sun Internal Two Woods Day Home
30th Jul Tue CMBL Lionmede Home 6:30pm
4th Aug Sun WEF Lionmede Home 2:00pm
6th Aug Tue CMBL Ingatestone 'B' Away 6:15pm
8th Aug Thu MWF Silver End Away 2:30pm
10th Aug Sat WEF Tillingham Away 2:30pm
13th Aug Tue CMBL Great Baddow 'C' Away 6:15pm
15th Aug Thur MWF Danbury Away 2:30pm
17th Aug Sat WEF Chancellor Park Home 2:30pm
20th Aug Tue MWF Dunmow Away 2:00pm
24th Aug Sat Internal Finals Day Home
25th Aug Sun Internal Finals Day (Reserved) Home
29th Aug Thur MWF Witham Away 2:00pm
1st Sep Sun Internal Triples Day Home
5th Sep Thur MWF Great Baddow Home 2:30pm
7th Sep Sat WEF Chancellor Park Away 2:30pm
19th Sep Thur MWF Bocking Away 2:00pm
22nd Sep Sun Internal Closing Drive Home


Internal - Boreham Club only

WEF - Weekend Friendly

MWF - Midweek Friendly

CMBL - Central Midweek League