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Back Row. Keith Skinner. Joe Tindall. Howard Southall. Frank Mason. Fred Wright.
Front Row. Stan Long. Dave Devonshire. Peter Ponder. Cecil Joyce.

Boreham “A” Team
Central Midweek League Division 1 Winners 1986

50th Anniversary Match at Windsor against The Royal Household 1997

Left to Right. Peter Ward. Ron McKean. Trevor Southey. Pauline Thompson. Peter Ponder. Jean Wyatt. Bob Sargent. Cecil Joyce. Keith Skinner.

Boreham “A” Team
Central Midweek League Knock Out Cup Winners 1994

Maurice Lee & Keith Skinner

Central Midweek League Pairs Winners 1993

50th AnniversaryMatch (Men) against Essex County Bowling Association 1997

50th Anniversary Match (Ladies) against Essex County Women's Bowling Association 1997

(Boreham in blazers) Back. Pauline Thompson. Ann Holliday.
Front. Ann Lucey. Carol Stoneman. Avril Figg. Hilary Doe. Esme Joslin. Marie Brown. Diana Gladden.